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We deliver the best possible quality solutions for water treatment and disinfection. For you, but also our environment. All our products are based on environment friendly technologies and our goal is to make a clean difference.




Ozone is an unstable gas with a very short half-life, which means that it reacts and disappears very fast. Ozone exists naturally in the atmosphere where it is a vital gas that protects us from harmful UV-radiation. The highest concentration of ozone is found in the stratosphere, which is also called the ozone layer.

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Ozone is essentially made up by oxygen. When an oxygen molecule (O2) is exposed to electric high voltage (or Uvlight in the stratosphere), the oxygen molecule (O2) is split into two oxygen atoms (O1). The oxygen atom (O1) then connects to oxygen molecules (O2) and ozone (O3) is formed. Ozone then reacts with other substances and the single oxygen atom (O1) disconnects from the ozone molecule (O3), which then again turns into an oxygen Molecule.

The Oxygen - Ozone - Oxygen cycle:

  1. Oxygen Molecule (O2)
  2. The applied energy splits the oxygen molecule (O2) into  atomic oxygen (O1)
  3. The single atomic oxygen (O1) connects to an oxygen molecule (O2) and ozone (O3) is formed.
  4. The single atomic oxygen(O1) disconnects from the ozone molecule (O3) and performs oxidation.
  5. The ozone molecule (O3) has turned into an oxygen molecule (O2).

The cycle is completed. Disinfection/Sanitation mechanism: Because of its high oxidation potential, ozone oxidizes cell components of the bacterial cell wall. This is a consequence of cell wall penetration. Once ozone has entered the cell, it oxidizes all essential components (enzymes, proteins, DNA, RNA). When the celular membrane is damaged during this process, the cell wall will fall apart. This is called lysis. During ozonation of RSW systems ozone will react with all organic material. Fat and particles will float to the surface. Leaving behind a clean hold and pipeline system.



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The Razone water treatment solution developed by Ålesund-based Normex to provide improved water quality and fish health in recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) plants is now being tested at the Mowi Steinsvik smolt facility in Volda local authority. Being conducted in cooperation with scientists from the Nofima food research institute, this project will report its conclusions around the end of 2020. 

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