UV system

Normed supplies UV system for municipal and industrial applications.
Our UV system are compact with small footprint.

Belt filter

Normex supplies rotating belt filter for municipal and industrial applications.
Eco efficient solids separation with small footprint.


Normex supplies different sensors for ozone in air measurements and dissolved ozone applications.

Emergency Relief

Normex supplies different water purifications units for Emergency Relief and Development Programs. The systems are transportable by air and by road, and are all quickly operational on site, reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

Oxygen Generators

Normex delivers complete system for oxygen generation and injection.


Normex can supply static and vibrating bow screens and internally-fed drum screens for different industrial and municipal applications.

Drinking/process water

Normex AS developed the Normex AquaCleanTM process for disinfection and colour removal of drinking water. 

The process consists of ozone, bio-filtration and UV, and the result is clean rich tasting water that is chemical free. This is all built into one container, which gives us the opportunity to deliver complete units with control system and clean water tank in no time. The system is instrumented so that we ensure safe ozonation and safe water quality on the water to the consumer. Tailor made system for installation in house can also be delivered.